Test Port Couplings

Test Fittings

Test couplings provide easy diagnostic connections for test equipment and mechanical gauges. Test points are typically permanently plumbed into a fluid system at strategic locations where pressure measurements are required for maintenance or testing. An integral pressure cap protects the test point from damage and contamination of the fluid system. Proven twist-to-connect design allows the test  points to be connected even when the system is in operation and the test points are pressurised. Test couplings used in conjunction with micro hose assemblies gives extra flexibility for the location of the test points in the system.


  • Knurled sleeve allows simple twist-to-connect operation without the use of tools
  • Rugged design allows connect-under-pressure operations
  • Integral threaded dust cap protects the test point from damage and contamination
  • Compact design and optional high pressure hose assemblies provide flexibility for tight space requirements.

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