Heavy Duty Aluminium Pumps

Series 500


PGP 500 series pumps offer superior performance, high efficiency and low noise operation at high operating pressures.

They are produced in three frame sizes, with displacements ranging from 0.8 to 70 cc/rev. A wide variety of standard options are available to meet specific application requirements.

Up to 275 bar continuous operation

High strength materials and large journal diameters provide low bearing loads for high pressure operation.

Low noise

PGP 505 and 517, 13 tooth gear profile, PGP 511, 12 tooth gear profile and optimised flow metering provide reduced pressure pulsation and exceptionally quiet operation.

Application flexibility

International mounts and connection, integrated valve capabilities and common inlet multiple pump configurations provide unmatched design and application versatility.


  • Mounting SAE, rectangular, thru-bolt
  • Shaft SAE splined, keyed, tapered, parallel standard, tang drive (on request)
  • Speed 500-4000 rpm
  • Axial / Radial Load Units subject to axial, radial load must be specified with an outboard bearing
  • Fluids Mineral oils, fire resistant fluids
    • water-oil emulsion 60/40, HFB
    • water-glycol, HFD
    • phosphate-esters, HFD
  • Temperature Fluid range of operating temperature 15-80°C
  • Fluid Viscosity Range of operating viscosity 8 to 100mm2/s max
  • Filtration According to ISO 4406 CI. 16/13
  • Multiple Pumps Available in two, three and four sections
  • Max shaft load must conform to limitation shown in catalogue
  • Max load is calculated by adding the torque values for each pumping sections that will be simultaneously loaded.