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2017 Price Book
04/08/2014 Thermal By-Pass Valve
05/09/2014 Suppressor/Dampener
20/10/2014 Olaer Accumulators & Accessories
21/10/2014 Olaer Oil Coolers



2017 Price Book

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HSC 2017 Price Book

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Thermal By-pass Valve

Thermal Bypass Valve

Maintain Optimum Fluid Temperature

Parker’s thermal bypass valve will modulate fluid temperature by shifting return line flow through the cooler, or bypassing it directly to the reservoir.

Additionally, an integral pressure relief function automatically releases excess pressure to the reservoir if the cooler becomes restricted, and the inlet pressure becomes excessive. Relief crack pressure settings range from 5 to 85 PSI.

These lightweight, aluminum valves are ideal for hydrostatic drive circuits requiring fast warm-up, controlled fluid temperatures, and low return line back pressure.


  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing.
  • Available in five shift temperatures.
  • Integral relief valve to dump excessive inlet pressures to the reservoir.
  • 250 PSI maximum operating pressure.
  • Up to 60 GPM flow rates.

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The Hydraulic Noise, Shock, Vibration and Pulsation


Suppressor, Dampener

The small Suppressor makes big improvements to your hydraulic system.

The Suppressor is an in line device that reduces the noise of any hydraulic power unit. It performs the same function for a hydraulic line as a muffler does on an automobile. It makes the unit quieter by absorbing the sound.

The Suppressor offers a second advantage to a hydraulic system. It also reduces hydraulic pulsations and hydraulic shock. Hydraulic pulsations can cause pump wear and also cause leakage at tube or pipe connections.

Sizing is easy

No complex sizing formulas. The Suppressor is sized to match your hydraulic line size. There is a Suppressor for every pipe and tube size from 3/8" to 3".

Types of Suppressors

  • 3000 psi rated for oil operation
  • 5000 psi for high pressure oil operation

Bladder Materials

  • Standard bladder material is high temperature HNBR -20° to +250°F.
  • Viton, or EPR bladders, are also available for special applications on indent.

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HSC is now stocking the Olaer range of

Accumulators & Accessories


Nitroball SeriesNitroball

  • Non-repairable diaphragm accumulator
  • Compression ratio of 6:1
  • Max. pre-charge of 130 bar
  • Electron beam welded steel shell
  • Standard nitrile rubber high strength diaphragm Option G 1/4" BSP gas connectionOlaer accumulator

IHV Series

  • Heavy duty applications
  • Improved corrosion protection for fluid port and protective cap.
  • Integrated gas valve
  • Standard 1176 lpm high flow fluid port
  • Connection without thread for SAE
  • Fitted with high tech nitrile bladder for low permeation

Universal Bladder Kits


  • Complete repair kits for standard oil service accumulators
  • Kits include all bladder components including the gas valve, stem locknut, protective cap, fluid port o-ring, back-up ring and bleed vavle seal.
  • Kits do not include the anti extrusion ring (AER).
  • Oil service bladders supplied standard in nitrile high strength rubber with carbon steel metallic components.
  • Standard gas valve connection: 7/8" UNF

Saddle Clamp

Accumulator Saddle Clamps

  • Saddle clamps manufactured from mold steel with nickel alkalin protection
  • Rubber strips are made from nitrile

Gas Charging Equipment

Maximum working pressure: limited by the maximum operating pressure of the installed gauge.

Pressure limited to 400 bar in any case.

Delivered in a storage case containing the following:Gas Charging Kit

  • VGU universal tester and pressurizer (end M28x1.50)
  • Pressure gauge from 0 to 25 bar
  • Pressure gauge from 0 to 250 bar
  • Connection adaptors for inflation valves (7/8", 5/8", 1/4", 0.302, M28x1.50)
  • High pressure hose, 2.5m long, for connecting to a nitrogen source.
  • Hexagon socket screw key 6mm
  • Jackets of replacement joints
  • Operating instructions in French, English & German

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HSC is now stocking the Olaer range of

Oil Coolers



  • ECO very efficient, compact cooler for mobile applications
  • 12V or 24V DC motor - long life
  • Max. Static pressure / Dynamic pressure: 21 / 14 bar
  • Long life powder coating with Zinc Phosphate pre-treatment
  • Low pressure drop aluminium cores

MODEL A-LDC COOLER (Air oil cooler fitted with DC motor = A-LDC)

  • A-LDC with DC motors for mobile hydraulicsA-LDC Cooler
  • 12V or 24V DC motor long life
  • Max. Static pressure / Dynamic pressure: 21 / 14 bar
  • Long life powder coating with Zinc Phosphate pre-treatment
  • Low pressure drop aluminium cores
  • Temperature switch, by-pass function, dust and stone guard


  • High cooling capacity due to turbulent flowPlate Coolers
  • Stainless steel material
  • Maximum working pressure 25 bar
  • Flexible piping to system required
  • Compact design
  • Mounting brackets supplied with vibration dampers


  • Max. Static pressure / Dynamic pressure: 21 / 14 bar
  • Temperature shock tested with 104°C steam and 13°C water
  • Low pressure drop aluminium cores
  • Temperature switch port  (G 1/2") on all sizes, by-pass option available


  • Thermo-contact with Hirschman connector
  • 1/2" BSPP male connectionThermo Contacts
  • 50°C & 80°C switching temperatures
  • N/O or N/C contacts
  • Temperature switch hysteresis is 10 - 15°C

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