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Save money using an accumulator by:

Eliminating the need for large hydraulic pumps and electric motors. An accumulator in the system ensures the correct volume of oil at the correct working pressure, even in emergency situations and compensates for variations in leakage and temperature, dampens pressure and flow pulsations, maintains system pressure when the hydraulic pump is switched off and provides hydraulic suspension.

As the oldest manufacturer of hydraulic accumulators, OLAER provides a full range of bladder accumulators, membrane accumulators and piston accumulators. They can be used in a wide range of applications such as energy storage, pulsation dampening and surge alleviation. The OLAER group has a very strong presence in highly requiring industries, such as Aerospace, Nuclear or Armament.

OLAER has developed a full range of bladders made from the most advanced elastomers capable of meeting exceptional stresses found in applications such as aeronautics and aerospace : low temperature (down to -43ºC), high temperature (up to 204ºC). For other special applications, food industry (contamination) and nuclear plants, special compounds are available offering low permeability characteristics or resistance to aggressive or corrosive fluids.

Most accumulators are fitted with an anti-extrusion device. On industrial bladder accumulators, the fluidport incorporates a poppet valve which prevents the extrusion of the bladder. Special care has been taken in the design of the fluid port assembly to prevent turbulent flow and pressure drop. A heavy duty spring prevents premature closure of the poppet valve.

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