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Plate Coolers

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Plate Coolers

Plate Water Oil coolers are the modern variant of the traditional shell and tube coolers. Unlike other plate coolers on the market mostly produced for water, steam or chemical applications, the internal structure of the OLAER Fawcett Christie PWO is designed to provide the highest efficiency while offering the lowest pressure drop required for the oil in hydraulics and lubrication applications.


PWO Plate Water Oil coolers are manufactured by layering stainless steel plates between foils of copper. The special embossed pattern of each plate is reversed on every other plate, creating a lattice of contact points between adjacent ridges. The brazing process in a vacuum furnace melts down the copper, producing a compact and pressure resistant cooler package. Oil and water circulate with a very high level of turbulence between the plates and in an opposite direction. Perfectly tuned flow rates will provide an outlet oil temperature similar to the water temperature. This concept is progressively replacing the shell and tubes models, as it greatly reduces the water consumption in a much smaller package.


This range being dedicated to hydraulics applications, OLAER has chosen to use BSP parallel male thread on the oil side. The connectors are internally chamfered and are ideally suited for hose swivel attachments. The water side is fitted a male BSP taper thread suited for hydraulic hose fittings or general purpose connectors available in most hardware stores or plumbing supplies.


Even at low flow rate, the high level of turbulence generated in the fluid circulating between the plates prevents the clogging effects from foreign bodies, scale generation and growth of algae. The stainless steel grade 316 provides good corrosion resistance as well as a smooth surface minimizing the risk of particle adhesion.

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