Kubota Engine Drive Kits


The Kubota engine drive kits allow a hydraulic pump to be connected to an internal combustion engine with the output shaft on the flywheel side.

The kit consists of a metal hub fixed to the pump shaft, a nylon flange bolted to the flywheel for transmitting  the motion and a cast aluminium or cast iron adaptor for supporting the pump to the bellhousing.

To choose the drive kit, it is necessary to identify the model of the Kubota engine, and indicate the type of pump mount and shaft. It is also necessary to verify that the torque to be transmitted does not exceed the maximum torque that the coupling can transmit.

The main features of these drive kits are:

  • Compensation of various mis-alignments
  • Protection of the pump components
  • Low noise levels
  • Simple installation
  • Reduced overall dimensions

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