The Hydraulic Noise, Shock, Vibration and Pulsation



The SUPPRESSOR is an "in line" device that reduces the noise of any hydraulic power unit. It performs the same function for a hydraulic line as a muffler does on an automobile. It makes the unit quieter by absorbing the sound.

The SUPPRESSOR offers a second advantage to a hydraulic system. It also reduces hydraulic pulsations and hydraulic shock. Hydraulic pulsations can cause pump wear and also cause leakage at tube or pipe connections.

Because of the small size of the unit, the most popular size is only 210mm (8.25") long, it can be easily installed in any existing power unit. The SUPPRESSOR is usually installed as close to the pump as possible. It can also be installed as close to any source of shock as possible.

Every hydraulic application is different. Field tests have shown that the SUPPRESSOR will effectively reduce noise by up to 60%. The SUPPRESSOR will also reduce harmonic noise often present in dual pump circuits. The SUPPRESSOR will NOT reduce noise caused by the electric motor, pump coupling or bearings.

It is no longer necessary to build sound enclosures around power units to isolate noise because the power unit does not meet customer noise specificatuions. Under most circumstances the noise SUPPRESSOR will take those extra decibels out of the unit.